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Overworked, stressed, time and money poor, confused or just plain fed up with your business then you've come to the right place. Help is available here. Learn how to become a Grown-Up Business that makes more money, has more fun, laughs louder, smiles lots and has zero stress. Its confident boss has lots of opportunities which they have time to take advantage of.

How would you feel running a business that is more profitable than its competition?

The Grown-Up Business book has launched. If you want to check it out before you buy why not download Chapter One.

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"If you operate a business, buy this book today. Not tomorrow. Today."

Sam Carpenter, Work The System

Do you ask yourself, why is it that people who started their companies at the same time as me have more holidays, better cars or homes, play more golf and have less grey hair than me?

As the business owner you should be earning £100K a year. Are you?

Transforming your company into a Grown-Up Business isn't for everyone. It won't be easy, you'll feel like giving up but the rewards are enormous if you invest a little time and effort now.

The Grown-Up Business Book Order online now

"The perfect book for a small business owner who wants better but isn't sure how to make it happen."

-Tim Levey, Author of Profit Improvement in a Week and Never Cut Costs

The Grown-Up Business Book has been 30 years in the making and I wrote it for business owners like you who have lost their business mojo!

You know your business can be so much better. You've been trying to work out what's wrong but can't put your finger on it. You need some help; but who, what or where? Your expert advisers should be helping you. A business consultant will come and do it for you but you still won't know how to do it next time.

You need a clear attack plan and someone in your corner! If you are ready to learn and teach your business to be grown-up then The Grown-Up Business Book is a great starting point. Packed with over 50 live case studies and almost 200 ‘how to' tips, exercises and actions you'll soon be growing up quickly. And when you buy the book you'll also get access to extra case studies and business tips.

So for everyone who says you can't, you say 'Watch Me!'

The Grown-Up Business Book Order online now

"In a busy and crowded market place of business advice it is refreshing to see a book that strikes clearly and precisely at the core issues in plain and simple language! Shirley shares succinct ideas and solid guidance in a no nonsense fashion ....thus making this one of the best books of its kind on the bookshelves today. If you are in a small business world with the dilemmas that it carries then grab a copy of this book today!"

-Ben Kench Author of Selling for Dummies

So if you're really fed up, falling out of love with your company or find it a chore to go to the office then stop.

You can achieve your dreams, so re-ignite them! It can be fun. You can make more money. You can do better than your competition; you just need to decide that is what you want.

About the Author

Shirley Mansfield is a master problem solver and works with businesses who're stuck or struggling to grow and help to turn their stressed business into profitable growing companies. If you have any questions, comments or queries, including bulk order discounts you can email, follow @GrownUpBusiness on Twitter, connect on Google+ or contact my publisher, Chris Day

The Grown-Up Business Book Order online now

"Running a business for years can sometimes mean you operate in a groove. The Grown-Up Business helps you to creatively step out of the 'groove' to give you a new perspective on what's going on in your business and provides great strategies to reinvent or remodel the way you do things. One book to keep open on your desk!"

-Trish Stretton, MD People face2face Ltd

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